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We get many calls for towing service regularly as we have been in this business for very long. Be it reclaiming a bike or a heavy truck that has accidentally found its way into a nearby creek due to rash driving. In these days the rush of people to get things done fast has increased the number of road accidents at an alarming rate. Quite ironically the number of road accidents succeeds the number of war martyrs. If you have emergency service at hand then you can avert any mishap hence you need a towing service agency at hand to deliver you from an impossible situation. Other than human error your car might also put you into a dilemma on certain days with a flat tire, or it might just stop working at the most unanticipated place and time. Forgetting your car keys inside your car is the most mundane ordeal which calls for towing service often. Car overheating is also one of the causes which necessitate our service. Hence in case of any above ordeal avail, Affordable Towing San Jose for any roadside assistance sat very affordable rates.

Our 24-House Roadside Assistance and Towing Services

Anytime Callouts

Car malfunction is very common at the most unusual hour of the day. Being stranded at any odd hour won’t attract any assistance because of less possibility of meeting a passer-by.

Area Coverage

We assist in at any part of the state. Car breakdown not only occurs at an unconventional hour but also the most unusual location devoid of immediate help. Hence you need to have the contactof a reliable car towing service like Affordable Towing San Jose. You can place a call at (408)785-8291 stranded at an odd place to seek our aid.


We have the legal documents which prove our originality in our business. Our employees are specially trained technicians meeting the requirement of providing high-quality assistance.

Affordable Price

We charge our customer for whatever service they receive. We don’t have a hidden receipt of unduly charges from our customer. Our rates are very inexpensive and affordable so don’t hesitate to give us a call in case of any roadside quandary.

Roadside Support

Though towing is more familiar with trucks, but we cater to a diverse range of vehicles in need of assistance. We assist any car deficient of petrol stranded in the middle of the road. We aid for a diverse range of problem.